Memory Support

There are many different types and stages of dementia. While Alzheimer’s is one of the most recognizable memory illnesses, a high number of seniors have at least a few symptoms that fall within the dementia spectrum.

At Pennybyrn, we offer varying levels of memory support care throughout our skilled nursing households. Those with more advanced dementia or symptoms such as wandering live in Pennybyrn’s specially designed McEwen Memory Support Household. Residents with less pronounced symptoms may live in other skilled nursing households.

Individualized Care

Our staff members utilize best practices in memory support care and many have received specialized training in the care of patients with dementia. This means care is tailored to meet the abilities and changing needs of each resident.

  • We learn each resident’s personal story to best provide activities and engage in conversations that are familiar and meaningful.
  • Staff members sit with residents during meal time and help make meals an enjoyable activity.
  • We respect resident preferences, even if the resident prefers solitude.
  • Staff members are dedicated to creating a calming environment by offering words of reassurance, holding a hand, playing soft music, and providing other soothing interactions.

Learn More

Read more about our memory support care or call us at 336-821-4050. We provide individualized care for residents with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. All skilled nursing services, including the McEwen Memory Support Household, are open to both seniors from the outside community at large and to Pennybyrn residents.