Household Care Model

Memory Support Household

The McEwen Memory Support Household is specially designed to meet the needs of residents with dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease. Our groundbreaking household care model not only takes into account the physical environment, it also utilizes a care philosophy that centers around resident needs rather than an institutional blueprint.

How the Past Helps Caregivers

Each resident’s story matters to our caregivers. Knowing that someone served as a church organist, made a career as a teacher, or loved woodworking helps caregivers engage residents in conversations and activities that bring joy and comfort. Our team members take the time to talk to families to learn details that can make care more meaningful. As a result, residents, staff, and families are more satisfied.

The Comfort of Home

Like all our healthcare households, the McEwen Memory Support Household is designed and furnished like a home. Rooms that have a home-like feel help comfort and soothe those with dementia. The house includes a living room, small sitting room, large dining area, kitchen, and enclosed outdoor patio. Every resident in the household has their own private bedroom and bathroom. While bedrooms are fully furnished, residents are welcome to move in their own furnishings.

Safety Features

The McEwen Memory Support Household includes safety features to prevent residents from wandering outside of the house. The outdoor patio is fully fenced around the perimeter, and a special safety system is included on the entrance to the house. Residents do enjoy outings and activities outside the household with staff members accompanying them. Residents can visit the kitchen refrigerator for a snack, but do not have access to a stove or other appliances that could lead to injury.