Our Culture of Caring

Pennybyrn has a rich history of providing exemplary resident care. This heritage of compassion is alive today and reflected in our unique culture of caring.

Resident Focused

Our service and care philosophy puts our residents first instead of fitting their needs into a preset schedule or list of policies. We value the choices of each individual and provide the level of service most appropriate for needs. Residents of Pennybyrn enjoy a high quality of life as a result of our resident-focused approach.

Long-Term Relationships

Our dedication to building deep and meaningful relationships with both residents and families means that Pennybyrn has a much lower staff turnover rate than the industry average. Our compassionate employees consider their work a mission and choose to make a career at Pennybyrn.

Committed to Excellence

Delivering excellent care and service year after year requires a commitment to continuous training and improvement. All Pennybyrn staff members regularly participate in training and continuing education, and we work to implement the best practices in every area.