Household Care Model

The household care model is centered around individual resident needs rather than the functions of an institution. This impacts everything from facility design and meal preparation to the way staff members communicate with residents.

Designed Like Home

Each skilled nursing resident lives in a household that is designed, furnished, and operated much like a home. Each household has a front porch, living room, large dining area, kitchen, and outdoor patio. The household kitchen is open 24-hours a day so residents can get a snack or staff can fix a meal at any time. Every resident in the household has their own private bedroom and bathroom. While bedrooms are fully furnished, residents are welcome to move in their own furnishings instead.

Relationships Matter

Caregivers are consistently assigned to the same households and spend quality time with residents and their families. Residents and the household care team get together to plan activities, holiday celebrations, and other events. Care team members get to know not only residents but also their preferences, very well! These bonds not only make a difference for patients and families, they also boost job satisfaction for staff members.

Resident Choices Come First

When residents are actively involved in making care choices, their satisfaction and level of physical functioning increases. A resident can choose when to wake up, when to eat, and when they prefer a bath. Flexibility and less rigid staff roles within the household care model help put resident choices at the center. For example, if a resident wants a grilled cheese sandwich for a late breakfast, a staff mentor can make it in the healthcare household’s kitchen.

Discover the Pennybyrn Difference

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