Complete Short-Term Care

A successful recovery that allows you to return home after a surgery or unexpected health event requires more than just building muscles and endurance through rehabilitation. Nutrition, medical needs, pain management, and emotional health are all part of the healing process. Pennybyrn employs a comprehensive approach to short-term rehabilitation to help patients return home more quickly. 

Components of our Transitional Rehabilitation Program Include:

  • Meals are prepared under the leadership of a registered dietitian and executive chef, ensuring patients receive the right amount of protein and other nutrients that play a vital role in recovery. Breakfasts are cooked to order, lunch and dinner menus change daily, and snacks are available 24/7.
  • Physical, occupational, and speech therapy times are coordinated to best meet the needs of each patient. For example, some patients may require more rest time between therapy sessions. We monitor progress and response to therapy each day and make adjustments to the therapy plan if needed.
  • An experienced physician who serves as the medical director for rehabilitation is available for overall health care needs and coordinates follow-up with the patient’s physician and rehabilitation team.
  • The clinical team is available to monitor blood pressure and blood sugar, administer medications and IVs, and assist patients with the management of chronic illnesses and other health needs.
  • A social worker dedicated to the Lillian Congdon Transitional Rehab Center ensures all the equipment and resources they need to successfully return home. 

You can learn more about our comprehensive care model in our blog, Beyond Exercise: The Three R’s of Successful Rehabilitation.

Explore The Lillian Congdon Transitional Rehabilitation Center

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