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Complete Short-Term Care

At Pennybyrn, we realize that successful rehabilitation includes not only therapy goals, but the overall needs of the patient. Our comprehensive approach to rehabilitation care helps patients heal more quickly and return home faster. Our program is tailored to the person receiving the care. This creates an opportunity for one to recover more comfortably and successfully. Components of our program include:

  • Meals are prepared under the leadership of a registered dietitian and executive chef, ensuring patients receive the right amount of protein and other nutrients that play a vital role in building muscle and recovering strength.
  • Physical, occupational, and speech therapy times are scheduled to best meet the needs of each patient. For example, some patients may require more rest time between therapy sessions. We monitor progress and response to therapy each day and make adjustments to the therapy plan if needed.
  • An experienced physician who serves as the medical director for rehabilitation is available for overall health care needs and coordinates care and follow-up with the patient’s physician and the rehabilitation team.
  • Nurses are available to help monitor blood pressure, blood sugar, administer medications, and assist patients with management of chronic illnesses and other health needs.
  • Dedicated staff knowledgeable of community resources to ensure that one’s return home is supportive and organized.