Transitional Rehabilitation

The Lillian Congdon Transitional Rehabilitation Center at Pennybyrn is designed to help patients recover, rebuild strength, and renew their spirits so that they can successfully return home. This new, state of the art facility provides care that is among the best in the triad, and we serve patients from both outside and inside the Pennybyrn community. Explore why we are so highly rated. 

Relationship-Centered Care

Our relationship-centered care means patients, families, and caregivers work together to create the best care plan for each individual. Patients are involved in determining their daily schedule, therapy goals, bath times, and food preferences. Communication with patients and families is vitally important, and our staff members treat each patient with respect and compassion. 

A Nurturing and Healing Environment

The Pennybyrn rehabilitation team is dedicated to making sure each patient receives the care they need to return home by creating a nurturing and healing environment. 

  • Five-Star Rating
    Pennybyrn consistently receives the highest rating — five stars — from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid. This rating is based on staff-to-patient ratios, health inspections, and 16 different quality measures. 
  • Consistent Caregivers
    Team members at Pennybyrn love their jobs, so patients and families can depend on consistent caregivers who are dedicated to excellent care, genuine relationships, and quality communication. Our rehabilitation team has years of experience. 
  • Multidisciplinary Care
    At Pennybyrn, rehabilitation is about taking care of the whole patient. This comprehensive approach includes attention to nutrition, medical needs, medications, and social, emotional, and spiritual needs. Learn more about our complete short-term care model.
  • Spiritual Care
    Pastoral care is available for those who would like spiritual care. Pennybyrn welcomes all faiths.

Satisfied Patients

The Lillian Congdon Transitional Rehab Center has a high patient satisfaction rating. In surveys, 100% of patients have said they would return should they need similar services in future and would recommend Pennybyrn’s Lillian Congdon Transitional Rehab Center to others.

Transitional Rehabilitation Services

The Lillian Congdon Transitional Rehab Center serves patients with a wide variety of rehabilitation needs. Individualized services may range from post-acute care to therapy service for recovering and strengthening.

Understanding Insurance

When you or your loved one has a need for exceptional therapy, make certain to work with your provider and/or hospital case manager to request Pennybyrn. Pennybyrn contracts with many insurance companies, each of which have specific plan benefits. Reaching out to Pennybyrn’s own Admission’s Social Worker, as well as working with providers and case managers will ensure the most accurate information for a successful admissions process.

Additionally, based on availability, patients may choose to pay privately. 

Learn More

To learn more about Pennybyrn’s Lillian Congdon Transitional Rehabilitation Center, contact us at 336-821-6548 or complete this online form