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Transitional Rehabilitation

Welcoming and gracious hospitality awaits patients in Pennybyrn’s Transitional Rehabilitation Household. Our program is designed to help patients relax, renew, refresh, and recover.

While patients are only with us for a temporary stay — long enough to regain the strength and function needed to return home — they are treated to the same compassionate care and extraordinary customer service that all Pennybyrn residents receive.

After joint replacement, a stroke, a fall, or illness, where you recover makes all the difference. Our multi-disciplinary approach to physical, occupational, and speech therapy helps patients recover more quickly while also helping to prevent complications or relapses in healing.

Features of our transitional rehabilitation program include:

  • Private rooms in a warm, household setting with family rooms, outdoor spaces, and a fully stocked kitchen with made-to-order meals and snacks.
  • Expert care from a team of physicians, nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, dietitians, and pharmacists. This approach ensures that each patients receives individualized care designed to meet all of their needs.
  • Therapy is available seven days a week to best meet the goals and timelines of each individual patient.
  • All patient therapy is based on a model that is recognized by medical professionals as providing effective care to help the patient reach optimal functioning and return home as soon as possible.

Welcoming All Patients

The transitional rehabilitation program at Pennybyrn is able to serve patients from throughout North Carolina, as well as other states. We welcome patients from both inside and outside of the Pennybyrn community.